Terraria RPG Mod – One Of The Best Terraria MOD!

Terraria RPG Mod

RPG is a post-Superancient tier launcher that drops from Rajah Rabbit, Champion of the Innocent, and it is the EX variation of Bunzooka.

Terraria RPG mod shoots rockets that have the arrival of rabbits. Compared to its predecessor, the rockets display create large explosions on effect and spawn golden carrots.

Like RPG Mod, are you familiar with the Terraria spirit mod? Well this not what you should miss!

Terrarium legends have the best RPG experience in terraria. Why should you care well? In this article, we have a decent amount of hours playing terraria, and this server is genuinely really fun to play.

On just a quick note from mobile players, some features may not work currently.

The most obvious aspect of the server is its levelling system. Every time you deal damage to something, whenever that something despawns or just dies, you get gems.

Those gems are used to level up your character to use more powerful weapons than armor or trade those gems for items from other people.

For example, the palladium repeater requires level 30, while the aura Calcurim repeater requires level 36 and since the level of the weapon is directly tied to its usefulness or DPS.

Where You Can Use The RPG’s

In Terraria RPG mod, you might use a weapon you never thought you would; there are also classes each class can only use a certain type of weapon such as melee damage or ranged damage, and there are costs to cover every weapon in the game.

Even a yo-yo class, for some reason, there are also a few monster arenas where bosses and enemies could be spawned to gain items and gems.

Also, this is a multiplayer server, so it comes with people to play, talk to or trade with and a world that resets every two days. Do you know how How To Fish In Terraria? Well check it out how yo can do so!

If you want to build something, there is a section of the world that doesn’t get reset, but you need to play for a bit to unlock that.

There are also events like expert mode on Thursdays and Fridays and occasional events like the gates of hell where PVP gets turned on, and the world is set to master mode.

Most of the time, the server is on the normal mode like any multiplayer server should be. You can work together to get things as well.

One person could have a tank setup while another has a maximum damage setup to take down a tough boss. Or you could just completely vaporize the boss with several high damage loadouts.

The server’s economy is also interesting since you can trade gems for items or items for gems or even items for items. You can do many things like a grind for rarer items to sell or buy an item. You just can’t seem to get it.

How To Join In RPG Mod

So when you join terraria RPG mod the server you need to choose either adventure or free items. Once you get into the adventure, you need to make an account.

Type in chat slash, register password email, and start playing the game.  We recommend you start playing when an event is not active since the world is always posting moon lord enemies are super difficult to deal with during expert and master mode events.

You can find out if an event is active on the terraria legends discord server; start by exploring the world and finding accessories and stuff.

It’s pretty easy to level up in the early levels, and once you get a good weapon, you can go to the monster arenas using slash warp to gain gems pretty quickly.

Important Note

Please don’t rule out anything difficult to get weapons or otherwise useless weapons that might have a low level for their progression, like the titanium repeater is premex at level 42, but the venus magnum is post plantera at level 36.

You can do the same thing for armor accessories, tools, mounts, everything. It’s also a great idea to ask for certain weapons that are low level and easier for higher level players to get as they’re so cheap sometimes you can get them for free.

You can also vote for the server to get gems, especially for the lower levels; it’s one of the best ways to get gems.


Overall experience, what would it be a lot of people do this Terraria RPG mod? They do level mods where we’ve definitely had our fair share of experience with that.

There’s been a couple of levelling mods that are work because they’re semi-balanced, and then there’s some that just get away crazy overpowered. It only scales way too fast, or it can make everything really stupid.

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