Guide To Hardmode Souls In Terraria | Top 6 Tips In 2021

The first thing you’re going to want to know when getting souls of the night you’re going to want to be in hard mode.

Be in hard mode; you need to have gone down to the underworld and killed the wall of flesh.

It would be best if you went down to the underworld, kill the wall flash, and you’ll be in hard mode. Here is a guide to hardmode souls in terraria.

Once you’re in hard mode, a couple of things have changed. You’ll get this brand new with a biome called the holo biome.

This light blue biome with unicorns and Pixies everywhere; if you have this, you are in hard mode.

Souls a knight can be used to make many other things as well; they can be used to make magic weapons and keys and bosses.

Souls are Hardmode crafting materials dropped via way of means of enemies. There are a total of 6 souls; the Souls of Light and Night.

And those sorts of souls are dropped in the Underground Hallow and Underground Evil biomes, respectively. Most of the ultimate souls drop from the mechanical bosses.

Souls Of Flight

The Soul of Flight is a Hardmode crafting fabric used to craft numerous distinctive sorts of wings and the Soul of Flight in a Bottle.

Souls of Flight are dropped via Wyverns and Arch Wyverns  3DS version and other than the Souls of Light and Night.

Souls of Flight are delivered to the placement of the Wyverns head upon death and prefer all different souls, waft in midair on the drop point instead of falling to the ground.

This could make Souls of Flight extra tough to spot, e.g. if the Wyvern’s head becomes off-display or within blocks on the time of death.

Soul Of Light

Soul of Light is a Hardmode crafting fabric dropped of maximum enemies killed withinside the Underground Hallow with a (20% to 36%) chance. It consists of enemies to the biome, such as Granite Elementals.

Soul Of Night

Soul of Night is a Hardmode crafting fabric that drops many enemies killed in the Underground Corruption or Underground Crimson (In the Cavern layer), with a (20% to 36%) chance.

It consists of enemies to the biome, such as Granite Elementals.

The Soul Of Might

The Soul of Might is one in every of the six / 3DS version seven souls. It is dropped via The Destroyer and very hardly ever via 3DS version, making it available in pre-Hardmode version.

 The Soul Of Sight

The Soul of Sight is one of the six /   3DS version souls acquired in Hardmode. It is a crafting fabric dropped using The Twins.

The Soul Of Fright

The Soul of Fright is a Hardmode crafting fabric dropped using Skeletron Prime.

Crafting all objects requires   53 32  3DS version souls, which means the participant should defeat Skeletron Prime 1–2 instances on, or 3–five models on   Old-gen console and 3DS version.

Souls Of Blight

Souls of Blight are crafting materials dropped via the means of Ocram, an exclusive boss. They are used to craft complete weapons and armor.

You Can Also Need Corruption Biome

Summoning items can also be used to make a plethora of other things as well, but those are just the most suitable examples; the first thing you need to do is figure out which corruption biome you have in your world.

This world is an old one little bit of crimson biome over there mapped out; you will probably be a little red crimson biome, or you’ll have a purple corruption biome; it doesn’t matter. You have to process the same, but you’ll need to go there next.

Once you’re there, you’re going to either have one of these little overhead caves which the Crimson biome has, or you’re just going to have a deep hole either way.

You want to get to the deepest point you can in one of these caves, so figuring the Crimson biome goes as deep as possible. If you’re in the corruption biome, also get just as deep as you can.

Getting Souls

Once you’re at the bottom, basically, you have a small chance of getting souls of the night down there;

if you’re on the top ground while you’re on the crimson biome, you still do have a small chance of getting souls at night.

It’s a lot less than if you were down there underground. The best idea to get Souls up at night is to not stay down there in these little crimson chasms but instead try to dig into an adjacent cave.

If you can get to a cave close by that’s also in the crimson pile, you can tell this like mine because it’s full of this red water and or in the corruption biome, it should be purple water.

If it has a lot harder enemies and these minor crimson-themed enemies in this area, all enemies have a chance of dropping Souls at night.

It is a pretty slight chance, but for some of them, hopefully, it will drop.

You can see the slime there has dropped a soul of the night picked it up but any enemy down there again whether they’re crimson or corruption.

Themed or not, as long as they’re underground and they’re in the crimson biome at the same time, and you’ll have a chance of dropping a soul of the night.

They don’t even need to be in a nice area that’s just conveniently where my crimson biome is as long as the little red water is around, and you’ve got some more crimson-themed.

You’re in the right area now. One thing to take note of throwing some of the night out of the night is that souls of the night have a different texture.

Before the PC recently updated the textures for souls at night, they used to look a little bit different on the screen; depending on if you’re on console or mobile, you may still have this texture as long as it says souls of the night.


Getting soul tonight is pretty simple. Even though getting souls of the night is simple, it’s not necessarily easy, especially in hard mode there are very hard enemies down there, and they might kill you a lot. So make sure you come well-equipped.

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