Terraria Hardmode Guide – Get Started For HardMode

Terraria Hardmode Guide

Hardmode begins when your character defeats the wall of flesh for the first time. Your world will generate the hello biome new powerful enemies begin to spawn. And your weapons that used to be decent are now barely killing anything you need to power up fast but what’s the best way to do it. Before you beat the wall of flesh, there are a few things you can do to prepare for hard mode.

Terraria Hardmode Guide Tips

Some of the tips we are going to discuss are as follows:

The First Tip Is To Make Plant Farms

Although they may seem unnecessary plant farms are very important to make potions. In hard mode bosses will be a lot tougher to fight, so potions are a must-have.

You can also make a farm in the underground jungle not only does it provide good fishing bait you can later farm for life routes. Also, the farm on the screen is probably a little too small, so be sure to make yours a little bit bigger.

The Second Tip Is To Make AFK Farms

AFK farms are nice to have in the hard mode because it is a safe way to obtain loot from enemies. To make one, you need to clear large space underground and make a large platform. Then in the center make a pyramid fill the hole with one bucket of lava so the enemies can get killed and the items won’t get burnt up.

Underneath it, you can make a little box for you to stay in to increase the effectiveness of your farm fills in space underneath you with walls to prevent enemies spawning below you. Make sure to make an AFK farm in the underground Terraria crimson or corruption. This is because in hard mode you can obtain souls of the night as well as other useful items such as ice or cursed flames.

The Third Tip Is  Fishing

fishing can be a good way to obtain strong weapons without having to fight enemies. Make sure to make a fishing spot in the hallowed because there you have a chance to obtain the Crystal Serpent and Prismite.

Prismite is needed to make life force potions, and the crystal serpent is a very powerful mage weapon. You can also make spots in the crimson and corruption you can obtain the Bladetoungue and Toxicarp from there as well.

The Fourth Tip Is To Go For Fairy Wings

Wings are important for mobility so having one is a must. Since the leaf wings were nerfed, it is not ideal going for them. Instead, go for the fairy wings because they are the easiest to get and the best for pre-mech.

The Last Tip Is To Do The Pirate Invasion

To Terraria summon the event, you have to use the pirate map, which is dropped from enemies in the ocean. The reason why the pirate invasion is good is that it is a great way to make money and it can drop pretty good loot.

Also, in the master mode, it would highly recommend doing this event because the flying Dutchman will drop the black spot. The black spot is a broken mount that grants infinite flight and can outrun most bosses.


Before we move on to Terraria Hardmode Guide, we want to remind you that crates fished in pre-hard mode will no longer drop Hardmode ores. In the past, you could fish for lots of crates, and once your world turned to hard mode, the crates would drop hard mode ores. This was pretty broken and unfortunately was removed in the Terraria 1.4 updates. After you defeat the wall of flesh, there are a few things you can do to make your life a little bit easier.

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