Terraria Guide Voodoo Fish – Beginners Guide

Terraria Guide Voodoo Fish

If you want a terraria guide voodoo fish, we recommend looking for a pool of water deep inside the caverns of your world look for lava, and where there is lava, try to find the pool of water. Make sure you are deep in the caves, so you are in the cave or cavern lair, look for a pool of water and then voodoo fish much time until you get the only guide. The fish is the most beautiful.

In this article, we will show you how to get a guide voodoo fish into the area. It’s actually not that hard if you have at least iron armor or if it’s if you can get some tension armor and go down to hell and play a few GUI games.

  • Use An Elevator

You can make an elevator was an easy way to bring yourself down to hell really quick. The idea of mining down there is way quicker if you just make a straight line down and improvise a theater you know clock. You would use water to convert up, and if there is, you know, a bunch of water chasms, You would just mine between them and follow to create a simple barrier of obsidian. You can also read Terraria Guide Respawn.

Dan fire webs name just ignore those anyway how you would find beauty demon is finding large structures. If you find demons in these areas, you’re bound to find the demon. It’s not that hard to kind of good deed even though I would suggest at least spending some time in hell and trying to find one. It’s difficult to find torture, so there’s one-two actually, so kill one for the guy for that well, there you go that is the how to get a voodoo fish. There are two options:

  • First Option

The First Option Is To Take An Equipment. Basically, you can equip it, and then you could kill the guide, so that is the first option.

  • Second Option

The Second Option Is To Take The Spewed A Fish And Bring It To The Underworld. It might be a good idea to get like rocky boots or something, so you’re not hurting yourself, so right now, You are going to speed up quickly, all so as you get closer and for this second option, your guide voodoo fish must be active. You can also read Terraria Duke Fishron Guide.

However, you don’t need to seem like the other, so as we get there, you fall lava and all right so basically what you do is you stand by an edge and take your booty fish and basically cast it into the lava. So this is what it basically looks like big ugly looking eyeball thing, so definitely something we would recommend fighting with rocket boots. You can also be fighting it with the pickaxe.


So this battle kind of carries out a little bit, but basically what happens When you end up beating in pick up a taboo laser and a powerful hammer and a couple of potions, but basically that’s what you can do with the terraria guide through the voodoo fish.

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