Terraria Guide Voodoo Doll – Best for Beginners

Terraria Guide Voodoo Doll

This is simply and effectively and note that this is not a guide for an automatic farm. This is just an effective semi AFK way of obtaining the doll. Maybe you want to watch some YouTube or live streams on the side, and then this is the perfect guide for you.

You’re going to need to your basically any area of help and find a voodoo demon.  A  100% chance to drop the art voodoo doll. So once you have the voodoo doll, you can see you cannot actually attack him, but if you take the guard boo doo doll and put it into an accessory, it will enable you to attack and kill that little bastard who let you die so many times at the start.

Revenge is sweet revenge is very very sweet now if killing him with weapons isn’t quite for you you know it feels a little bit brutal just take the thing to throw it in the lava, and it will hit input or pretty much 10k.

All the gear and weapons used in the article are obtainable before hard mode so don’t worry now let’s get started!

The armor weapons using are all from the bee queen boss.

The summoning stuff and the bee’s knees bow you can obtain from the Bevo’s along with the summoning armor.

This is just because of AFK when getting the terraria voodoo dolls and the beasts do a really good job of killing everything.

The bee’s knees are also really nice as you don’t have to aim anywhere.

The beasts fired from the bow will auto-aim on enemies. To make your life easier, you can use a hard crystal and a campfire to boost your health regen.


The campfire you can create out of some simple wood and torches and the heart lantern you can create from a life crystal and a chain to boost.

The spawn rate of the enemies down there you’re going to want to find an open and nice area so that mobs don’t spawn in caves or get stuck behind books or edges.

This way, it’s really easy for your bees to kill them.

To further boost the spawn rate, you can collect a water candle from the dungeon and created some battle potions. Both of these items make most respond more frequently so you can find the voodoo demon easier battle potions can be created from death weed a rotten chunk or vertebrae near a bottle placed on a workbench or at an all coming table.


To defeat the terraria voodoo doll depending on luck, your gear and how much effort you put into killing stuff.

The last tip for is for you to put blocks right above the lava so that you can collect all the juicy loot from monsters and also so that you don’t accidentally kill a voodoo demon that flies right above the lava.

Now we will say if King for like 25 minutes you can drink some health potions and then managed to collect about four voodoo dolls.

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