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Magic Storage Terraria Guide – Best Guide For Terraria Players

Magic Storage Terraria Guide If you are tired of having 50 unorganized chests around your base the in magic storage mode of terraria game this mode is definitely for you with that being said. Let’s go ahead and get into what this Magic Storage Terraria Guide to create a chess network like items that can be accessed […]

Terraria Cell Phone Guide – Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Terraria Cell Phone Guide Cell phones one of the most complicated and helpful informational items in Terraria. The cell phone is an informational item and not an accessory. It displays a plethora of helpful information, including fishing info weather: Moon phase, elevation, distance from the center of the world, valuable time items, player speed, current […]

Terraria Destroyer Guide – Best Destroyer Guide for Beginners

Terraria Destroyer Guide You’ve trumped the wall of flesh and entered a new age of torment hard mode you got to destroy those mechanical bosses some say the destroyer is a great place to start now that will be outrageously difficult. In Terraria Destroyer Guide, there are some simple steps to defeating a destroyer a total piece […]