Terraria Destroyer Guide – Best Destroyer Guide for Beginners

Terraria Destroyer Guide

You’ve trumped the wall of flesh and entered a new age of torment hard mode you got to destroy those mechanical bosses some say the destroyer is a great place to start now that will be outrageously difficult. In Terraria Destroyer Guide, there are some simple steps to defeating a destroyer a total piece of cake.

Step 1: Break Altars

This will bring hard mode ores into your world, which you’ll desperately need to survive. The first break either spawn palladium, or cobalt will spawn mithril orichalcum. The third break will terraria spawn either adamantite or titanium be careful as you’re down there not only our hard mode mobs trying to kill you there’s also going to be raised that spawn upon breaking each altar.

Step 2: Full Adamantite Or Titanium Armor

Step two is to get full Adamantite or titanium armor just depending on which one spawns in your world bother with crafting terraria armor and weapons of the first two tiers of ores rather. Go straight for the Adamantite or titanium by scaling your way up tiers of terraria pickaxes.

First, you’ll need some palladium or cobalt to make a drill or pickaxe with you’ll move up to mithril or cobalt. You’ll finally move on to Adamantite or titanium where you should make full armor and a repeater. one more thing worth noting is that you’re going to need to make a mithril orichalcum anvil and also an Adamantite or titanium furnace.

Step 3: Get A Daedalus Stormbow

Step three will be to get a Daedalus stormbow start to step off you’re going to need to get 15 souls of light from the underground Hollow and make a key of light. You can make those at a crafting bench. This is all done to take on a hallowed mimic. To summon one you’ll need to put a key of light and a chest it could be any chest.

The hollow mimics have a 25% chance to drop this so it might be a grind. Still, the payoff is amazing. Lastly, once you get your data stormbow to be sure to reforge it with the Goblin tinkerer until you get the unreal modifier, I could get the best modifier. It’s going to make this weapon even more devastating.

Step 4: Holy Arrows

Step 4 is to make a ton of holy arrows or less preferably jesters arrows holy arrows take a bit of patience to make requiring three Pixy dust and one unicorn horn per 200 arrows. Still, they are a key component in making the battle with the terraria destroyer an absolute breeze they pair fantastically with the Daedalus storm bow and work especially well against a terraria destroyer.

If you can’t seem to get your hands on holy arrows, jesters arrows can be used it’ll just take much longer to kill a destroyer, and you might find yourself struggling more than if you were to use holy arrows then go the extra mile and craft up some holy arrows.

Step 5: Making A Sky Bridge

step 5, which builds up super-high and makes a sky bridge, makes sure you build up at least 150 blocks or sometimes even more. The terraria destroyer won’t reach you; only the probes will also be sure to open up your bridge with some platforms. So that your arrows can fly right down through your bridge and strike the destroyer.

Step 6: Getting Your Potions And Your Healing

It will be getting your potions and healing ready to grab all of your potions that could benefit you in this battle, such as terraria health potions, iron skins endurance or wrath and rage potions. Be sure to throw down some bonfires and maybe even some heart lanterns on your platform.

Step 7: Kill The Destroyer

The most satisfying step of this all is going to be to terraria summon and kill the destroyer. You can summon them with a mechanical worm made of six rotten chunks or vertebra, 5 iron or LED bars and 6 souls a night shoot down through your platform to hit the destroyer and make sure to kill those probes.

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