Terraria DBZ Mod – Best Guide For DBZ Mod

Dragon Ball “Z” Terraria is a mod that replicates the anime series “Dragon Ball.” This mod additionally appeals to the fan base’s personal goals starting from  DBZ content to Super, GT, movie variations, and weapons.

Likewise, you should also be familiar with the Terraria RPG Mod, which would surprise you in a way you never thought.

All your favorite Kaioken attacks are in the sport and craftable; for instance, Kamehameha, Galick Gun, Masenko, Big Bang Attack, and Spirit Bomb.

That is, however, only a few! The mod has almost all assaults any individual has ever used in the series, including variations in possession.

The Dragon ball terraria mod contains 216 items 7 new armor sets with key-based helmets for existing armors.

It Also Offers A Whole New Class That Utilizes Key:

  • 10 unique and iconic transformations.
  • Full multiplayer compatibility.
  • Cross mod compatibility.
  • A fully custom flight system.
  • Fully working Dragonball in the wish system.
  • Three new placeables enhanced content up to moon Lords with lots of more updates on the way.

It took a decent amount of time to get my hands on the first key ability but don’t worry if you’re playing this mod for the first time.

They have since increased the drop rate for a lot of the materials needed for recipes. Once you get your hands on the abilities, it becomes a game-changing experience.

All of the commands are unique and fun to use, and most of them upgrade throughout the playthrough and become stronger.

Terraria DBZ Mod key feature
Source (YouTube)

The armor introduced in this mod has great sprite work; most of the mod has great sprite work.  You can enjoy this mod’s playthrough, but there were many moments to get certain transformations and items without either asking the mod dev or looking at the wiki.

This mod was a blast to play through; it changes your whole playstyle, and you can enjoy every minute of it because of that.

Many people were hyped for me to do a mod review of this because many people didn’t enjoy me playing through the mod, and make sure you guys check out the mod; it was really fun.

To Talk About The Divine Trait, Which Is One Of The New Traits That Will Be Part Of The New Dramatic Update, Let’s Get Right Into It.

First, the divine trait is a few traits that have their uniqueness based on the aura. In this case, it’s purple and black; as you can see to the right, I’m going to display the reference we used to get such colors.

The divine trait transformations follow most of the mainline transformations until the super Saiyan god afterward gets the super Saiyan rose.

After the super Saiyan rose, you get the berry of light technique. The design is not final yet because we don’t have the done quite.

The Perks

Terraria dbz perk
Source (YouTube)

As you can say, you got from strain reduced by 30; the first perk means transforming your key drains and being in god forms such as super Saiyan god and those above it. You get a reduced amount of drain.

The Second Perk.

The second perk is the divine zenkai which means you get a temporary boost to damage the defense by 20% whenever you yield yourself over 50% hp. which means if you’re below 50 hp and give yourself up; it doesn’t matter how much like 10 percent 20 it doesn’t matter you get that boost.

You probably want to see the boost in action you took a bit of damage and go to heal yourself up.

In this case, you can use the sensor beam to restore yourself, so you have below 50 heal that health up and define zenkai buff, which means damage and defense increase by 20 as always numbers are subject to change.

Source (YouTube)

Please don’t take any numbers literally because they could change at any time, so that’s it for the second perk.

The Second Thing, The Kaioken, Has Its Spot In The Menu, Which Means You Can Pick One Of Those And Get Right Into It.

In this case, you will take time to steer for the sake of displaying, so as you know, the Kaioken in the public version drained health over time.

When you got into Kaioken this time around, it’s not doing that; it works a bit differently. For example, you have 3 minutes without any drain happening. After 3 minutes, the hp drain will start happening. In the case of Kaioken times 2, you will lose three health points every second.

For example, after more time, Kaioken times 10 will start draining hp after one minute has passed. You’re wondering if there is a way to counteract this drain. There is a unique mastery system that works differently from the transformations do.

If you reach a set milestone car will no longer drinky times two; if you have, for example, two thousand key times, ten characters will not drain anything anymore.

This means those are practically three bars like the public version Kaioken still has an exhaust debuff which means if you use Kaioken at birth, you will have less of a debuff than if you keep it up the entire time, so if you want to dodge enemies, you can use it.

Hence, you get a speed buff or use it to get a defense buff and take an attack if you want. After deactivating the Kaioken, you will see that the kero constraint buff applies, which means you can no longer use the Kaioken until it’s over.

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