Terraria Class Guide – Surprisingly Helpful Tips

Terraria Class Guide

This class guide aims to help you fix that problem and help you decide by the end of the article on what class you should play we are going to go over the pros and cons of each of the class and what they typically use.

The Melee Class

Melee is the class for those who don’t mind getting up close and personal and like to be on the front lines.

Although some melee weapons have a relatively short range, yo-yos flails and boomerangs are a nice way to go about avoiding being in the boss’s face. As much compared to using early game swords.

We have to get very close to the boss the short-range is fixed around hard mode when you start to get more later game options such as the terra blade flare on and zenith that let you have long-range attacks while still having the most defence out of any class within the game so not only can deal great damage and have a good range.

You can face tank most bosses with very little worry of dying with the right armor and accessories and depending on the difficulty.

The melee class also has the highest DPS end game thanks to the zenith.

Moving On To The Cons

it is a fairly boring and straightforward class until hard mode happens.

Even after hitting hard mode melee users are just a mana-less mage class as they now have swords that fire numerous projectiles that can still be a little boring.

Lastly, if you choose to go for a higher defence build, you will sacrifice some of your damage potentials.

The Ranger Class

rangers use fairly simple weapons ranging from bows and guns, but these weapons can have various uses depending on their ammo choice.

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Starting With The Pros At The Ranger Class

  • It is pretty powerful and straightforward; there are no extra gimmicks.
  • You fire weight your target it also has one of the highest or if not the highest single target damage output of any class.
  • This class does stupid damage to one target; it also has a fairly good weapon abundance throughout all the game stages.
  • The ranger class can also hit 100 crit chance late game without even really having to try

Moving On To The Cons

  • The weapons don’t change many upgrades mean more damage a new effect increased fire speed or more shots in general.

Ammo is also really important, and some of them make a huge difference between the class being super insane versus being not that amazing.

Some of the ammunition types require a good amount of grinding hassle to get. You’re going to need to farm the wall of flash quite a lot because you need ranger emblems as they are part of a few key items late-game that’s all for the ranger.

 The mage class

Mages have a pretty great variety of different weapons to use so getting bored isn’t really something that will typically happen, but they have to worry about carefully managing their mana usage to stay at their best.

Starting With The Pros

  • The mage class gets two potions dedicated to the mage quests that help with damage and make your life easier with mana regeneration.
  • The mage class is by far the best in doing things like the pirate, invasions, or lunar events where there are many enemies with its huge multi-target damage.
  • With the right setup, you don’t have to worry about mana nearly as much.
  • It also is fairly flexible with the single high target or multi-target damage depending on the situation and what weapon is used.

Thanks to the spectre armor set bonus this is the only class that can function as a healer class for multiplayer moving on to

The Cons

  • Damage can be low before certain game points, playing as a healer is a severe damage cut of 40%.
  • You either do low damage and mainly focus on healing or do full damage with no healing.
  • It relies very heavily on the corruption world for the band of star power or making it artificial corruption for fishing it up from corruption crates which is a pain.

It uses a lot of ingredients, such as fallen stars and death weeds to function. At its absolute best so be ready to build a herb farm to keep up with your mage needs. It also has super limited early-game weapons.

It relies very heavily on those barking gem staff or getting a lucky water bolt from the dungeon to be useful early without a water bowl.

It can be a very weak class early game if the player is too trigger happy with their magic and doesn’t have the right gear or mana regeneration.

They will get the mana sickness debuff which can cut your damage in half for a few seconds. So carefully managing your mana.

The Summoner Class

Have you ever wanted to command a bunch of pet minions or have sentries do all the work for you while you exist in dodge and use a whip now and then?

The summoner class is a really fun class to play you get a fair amount of options on a different summons to use.

It’s also very flexible as you can use summoner with basically any other class’s weapons and won’t miss out on any damage.

The dungeon defender’s crossover content gives stats for both ranger and summoner in one armor set.

For example, you have a portable mob farm in the form of your minions to bring wherever you go so if you want enemies to leave you alone while you are building your mining.

This class is great because the newly added whips and journeys make the class a bit more dynamic and give you something else to do besides just dodging.

Moving On To The Cons

The choices and accessories are quite minimal as you are required to use certain ones.

If you want maximum damage or minion slots because certain minions have to pierce. This can cause immunity frames which prevent the enemy from taking damage from two sources at once meaning.

If you are multi-class with certain minions your melee range and major attacks won’t hit as often. You will, without a doubt, spawn a wall of flesh or a queen b at some point due to your minions.


Class Journey’s end gave a lot of love to the summoner, and I still feel it lacks compared to being in Maine in other classes, but it’s definitely in a better spot than it was before and that wraps up my guide for choosing your class and journey’s end.

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