Terraria Wall Of Flesh Guide – Surprisingly Revealed Guide

Terraria Wall Of Flesh Guide

The Wall Of  Flesh is a much different story when it comes to the master mode in terraria. In this Terraria Wall Of Flesh Guide, we’re going to kill him. To prepare for this fight, you’ll need armor and accessories to match up to the wall of flesh’s high attack, and speed .you’ll need some high-powered weapons buff potions and lastly, a long arena in hell to battle the wall of flesh. Have you ever tried terraria hardmode? Well its not a thing to miss!!!

Let’s Get Started With Your Armor And Accessories

Molten armor simply based on the fact that it has the highest defense of any Terraria armor set in pre-hard mode. And can strongly help keep you from getting killed in three hits in the underworld. It not only helps defend you against the terraria wall of flesh itself but it also helps to take an occasional hit from the high-powered mobs that spawn in the underworld bats, lava, hell.


  • Having Lightning Boots (To Stay Away From The Wall)
  • Getting A Cobalt Shield Or A Variation (It Such As The Obsidian Shield In Order Not To Take A Knockback And Get Stunned Locked Or Pushed Back Into The Wall Of Flesh)
  • The Worm Scarf Or Brain Of Confusion (Which Are Great Accessories Even Up Until The Final Boss Of Terraria)

The modifier that comes along with your Terraria accessories, so makes sure to try and go the extra mile and get warding on all your accessories to get a massive bonus to your defense.

It helps a lot more than the only real downside of it is making the goblin tinker or multi-billionaire overnight. one last tip for accessories. If you dash forward, you might get hit right back into the wall of flesh which is a death wish in itself because he could juggle you like none other. let’s move on to your weapons:

for some of you, this might be a huge nostalgia trip, and you may have heard it many times. You’ll want to get rid of it quickly when it begins to speed up. The star cannon and start firing away is an extremely powerful pre-hard mode Terraria weapon and could take care of the wall of flesh with ease.

The armor is a bit tricky to get it’s fallen stars, but it’s very much worth it in the end. But the function will be the same most of the time for this fight though emphasize how important swiftness potions are speed greatly is key in this fight.

Buff Potions

  • Iron Skin Potions
  • Endurance
  • Regeneration
  • Swiftness
  • Warth & Rage

Also, a snack such as a pumpkin pie so you could get a quick well-fed buff. Other than that an armor reservation potion comes greatly in handy especially with the star cannon since its armor is so expensive.


The final component to putting the wall of flush through the meat grinder is going to be your arena. It’s really simple just a super long platform with occasional holes in it just as a quick precaution to lava slime spilling lava all over the place. Also, try to keep it as straight as possible that always helps too.

Let’s beat the living out of the Terraria wall of flesh you’ll want to throw a guide voodoo doll into some lava and get going to throw down some beanies preemptively. So that bee starts spilling out immediately and get to work. The battle itself is quite self-explanatory you want to keep your distance and target the eyes instead of the mouth since the eyes have much less defense than the mouth.

It’s meaning you’ll get to kill this big bastard that much quicker the beanies make really quick work of the wall of flesh’s slow phase but as soon as he speeds up we’re going to bust out the star cannon and go to work. The star cannon is powerful enough to where you don’t have to worry about anything but your armor and running out of space on your bridge.


if you’re having trouble avoiding those laser beams as they begin to speed up to try flying in an up and down motion that seems to help me avoid a lot of the lasers. Keep on running from the sound of a bag of flesh hurtling at 50 miles per hour behind you and shoot at it as much as you can and congratulations you have single-handedly defeated the wall of flesh and master mode.

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