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Terraria Guide For Xbox 360 { The Big Info In 2023}

This game takes us back to the early days of survival Sandboxes. Although Terraria originally hit Xbox 360 One back in November of 2014, the upcoming 1.3 version will update it once more to equal its PC counterpart. Version 1.3 boasts some amazing improvements to the game’s UI and many new weapons to wield, trinkets to discover, […]

Terraria How To Stop Corruption? Best Guide To Follow!

Do You Know How To Stop Corruption? Not everyone is familiar with Terraria How To Stop Corruption? Well the corruption is a dark purple diseased wasteland corrupted kind of themed area, and stop the corruption is typically considered less difficult than the Crimson. However, it has less powerful items, so it kind of balances out. […]

Terraria Ranged Guide – Ultimate Guide For Beginner’s

Terraria Ranged Guide Ranged is an effective class with very high single-target damage output from a normally long-range. Ranged users should accumulate materials to craft ammunition or buy it from the Arms Dealer. Here’s a manual AKA  guide on how to progress to the whole game while playing with the range closed setup. Here are some helpful […]

Terraria Summoner Guide – 6 Beginner To Expert Level Staffs

terraria summoner armor terraria wiki terraria empress of light terraria bosses terraria whips terraria accessories terraria summoner guide calamity terraria armor Terraria Summoner Guide This Summoner Guide covers all the new summoner staff added into the game, so  There has been six new summoner staff added into the game that’s six new minions that you can get. […]