Terraria Lunatic Cultist Guide – Surprising Guide For Gamers

Terraria Lunatic Cultist Guide

The lunatic cultists are the key to unlocking the final boss of terraria. It can harness the powers of lightning, fire, ice, and even it can be able to summon a phantasm dragon there’s no way to stop him. In this Terraria Lunatic Cultist Guide, there are three simple steps to defeating the lunatic cultists like shooting fish in a barrel.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Armor, weapons and accessories

You’ll need the highest tier of armor in your class. For a melee main you’ll want beetle armor made with turtle armor and beetle husks for Rangers he’ll. Much fruit mite armor made from glorified bars and glowing mushrooms for mages you’ll want to inspect your armor made with ectoplasm and clarify bars, and lastly, for summoners, you’ll want some Tiki armor.

Now Let’s Move On To Weapons

You’ll want something within your class. For example, melee class setups to go fantastic with the Tara blade the eye of Cthulhu flare run or even the possessed hatchet for ranged is highly suggested a tsunami it’s a great drop from duke Fishron. It is extremely powerful it shoots five arrows at once only for the cost of one.

You can use a laser machine gun for mages, a drop from the Marshall madness event or the razor blade typhoon which is also a draw from duke Fishron.

For terraria summoners, you want to do some of the work yourself while your minions are attacking. So bring along a high DPS weapon mentioned above such as terraria eye Cthulhu or potentially even the flare.


Suppose you already beat terraria Duke fishing accessories. In that case, it is the cornerstone to making class setups truly powerful granting out the wallet flush a few times to make an Avenger emblem and grab an emblem of your respective class. Such as summon error or warrior.

The charm of mist is also a fantastic accessory to have on deck improving your region and reducing the cooldown of using healing potions. You have finally gotten your terraria armor and weapons out of the way and sort it out’s move on to step 2 which is.

Step 2: To Get Cosmic Car Keys

You have to start the martial madness event, which is a battle on itself. It drops fantastic loot for each class such as the Z no staff and the legion machine gun and the amount you need to have the best experience possible battling the lunatic cultists.

The best way to get this event started is to head over to end of your beach in your world build up high and wait. Eventually, with some luck though a Martian probe will come to inspect you and leave the scene, he’ll turn red after getting near you and flee don’t kill him, just let him go, and the events will start.

You may build a small building with platforms of the floor and a roof, covering your head with an opening.

The main thing you want to avoid is the giant death rate shoots because it does some massive damage sometimes over 200 health keeps on grinding these guys out, and with a bit of luck, you’ll get a shiny new pair of these cosmic car keys. They let you fly indefinitely and help us tremendously in fighting the Terraria Lunatic Cultist.

When you’re all done with that, let’s grab our buff potions and head over to our third favourite and final step.

Step3: Kill The Lunatic Cultist

let’s kill the lunatic Cultist here’s a quick disclaimer for you guys if you feel you aren’t ready for the Moon Lord right now don’t kill him yet. Killing him will result in tough monsters and pillow responding which if destroyed summon the Moon Lord.

Now that that’s all said and done, let’s end this guy. Drink your buff potions fly up to the cultists and kill them all once you do, and the lunatic cultists will spawn so hover on up and get your weapon ready.

Now the lunatic Cultist has a ton of attacks all of which can be weaved around with fairies one thing you’re going to notice that he always tries to teleport right above the players so be careful and create space and fly at an angle.

If you have to, he has many attacks. Still, the one you have to worry about is when he creates a giant sigil in the skies and replicates himself. You have to hit the right Cultist otherwise things get much harder the real coldest is always the one with a stripe on his hood and triangle eyes rather than circular.

Avoid hitting the wrong notes dodge and weave around his attacks and congratulations you have single-handedly defeated a lunatic Cole pissed.

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