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Terraria Mage Guide

This Guide is covering the best mage gear for the hard mode. The meteor stuff is a great weapon that can be obtained pretty early on and hardwood.  In Pre-Mech It has great mage to the high cost it also can’t be used effectively underground.

The crystal serpent is one of the best-made weapons for hardwood as it has great terraria mage is easy to get and can last you well into the terraria game. The golden shower is a great weapon because it deals the record debuff this lowers the enemy’s defence by 20 combos the golden shower with strong weapons to do lots of mages.

The Nimbus rod is an upgrade from the Crimson rod. You can summon up to 2 clouds at a time. The sky fracture is another weapon you can obtain pretty early on although it might have low base mage it summons three swords and has a high critical strike chance.

For the armor, use Adamantite or titanium armor. Forbidden armor is also a choice for those playing mage slash summon.

The best accessories are Sorcerer’s and mana coke and celestial cuffs.

The magical harp shoots out projectiles that can pierce enemies and bounce off the walls it is effective in tight spaces. So it can ricochet off of walls the rainbow rod is an upgrade from the magic missile the projectile will home in on enemies, and you can also control it with their cursor.

For armor, you can either go for glorified or hollowed terraria armor. Clora fight will provide more defense than DPS, and the hollowed armor set bonus is really good. For accessories, nothing much has changed except for the addition of the celestial emblem.

Inferno Fork

The inferno fork shoots a fireball that exposes upon impact this weapon is great against large crowds of enemies when you use the magnets here it fires a slow-moving projectile. The projectile is absolutely right enemies damaging them the razor pine is a great weapon for mages.

It has very good DPS because of its very high fire rate like the meteor staff the blizzard staff summons projectiles from the sky. it is effective against flying bosses like the Empress of light. For terraria armor, you should use specter armor ISTA specter mask and only is the hood a fair low on health.

Laser machine

The laser machine gun will charge up for two seconds before reaching its full speed. This terraria weapon will drain a lot of mana, so be sure to use. The right terraria accessories the razor blade typhoon fires two projectiles that homed in on enemies.

It can hit the same enemy multiple times the stellar tune fires projectiles at the location of your cursor. It is only a 2% drop, so the night glow is another alternative.

The nebula blaze fires projectiles that do massive amounts of mage there is a 20% chance to fire a blue projectile that does three times the mage. The nebula Arcanum far as a projectile that homed in on enemies. After hitting three enemies, it will explode.


The final prism fires a laser that takes around three seconds to fully charge it has one of the highest DPS in the game. The lunar flare summons projectiles that rain down from the air. It will pass through any block to get to the location of the cursor.

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