Terraria Summoner Guide – 6 Beginner To Expert Level Staffs

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Terraria Summoner Guide

This Summoner Guide covers all the new summoner staff added into the game, so  There has been six new summoner staff added into the game that’s six new minions that you can get. We will teach you how to get them and how they work / if they good, what they do, etc.

This brings the total of in-game summoning staff to 19. It flushes out the class just a little more for players who want to have the full summoner experience rather than having a challenge, you know, getting from slime staff to Hornet staff and having nothing in between there.

So The Six Staffs Include:

1. The Fish Staff

2. The Vampire Frog Staff

3. The Blade Staff

4. The Sanguines Staff

5. The Desert Tiger Staff

6. The Terror Prisma

The Fish Staff

We will be talking about the fish staff now; the Fish staff you can get by just starting as a Journey mode character. You can only get it from there or get it from living wood chests from living trees.

When you spawn the fish staff, a little nest will appear on your character’s head, and the bird will sit in it, and then as your minion numbers increase, so will the number of fishes sitting on top of your head.

Remember, this is a fundamental starter weapon; you will not be using it to defeat bosses. It’s just there for the starting minions because you will only really have one of these when you are solely on him again, and it doesn’t deal much DPS.

So the fish staff has a base summoned damage of seven-plus whatever summons take damage you use with a weak, and it’s quite a slow weapon. It does not target enemies unless they have a clear sightline and doesn’t have a very long range for targeting.

You have to be quiet to an enemy if it has been whipped for the Fish to recognize. It is a target and goes out of its way and seeks to attack the enemy.

The Vampire Frog Staff

The next summoning stuff we’re going to talk about is the vampire frog stuff and this, of course, summons a little vampire frog with wings. You get this item from Blood Moon fishing now; how that works is it has to be a Blood Moon, and you’re fishing in a pond, and when that happens in the pre-hard mode, you have a chance to fish up.

A zombie moment or a wandering eye fish and the vampire frog staff has a 1 in 45 chance to drop from either of those creatures.

So you may be doing this for a little while; you may not be able to get this thing on your first Blood Moon or even your second Blood Moon. The vampire frog staff has a base damage of 11.

It is pretty good against multiple enemies, so if you’re fighting like a goblin army or something like that, it dungeon into packs of enemies, and it can deal damage to multiple targets with one flick of its tongue.

Something to note:

With this weapon, you have had issues with it canceling out damage from other weapons, so if you’re using a yo-yo or something like that and the enemy you’re targeting has been attacked by the vampire frog at the same time as the yo-yo is hitting it.

Sometimes the yo-yos damage cancels out, and you have noticed that is an issue with some means, so note that that’s the case with this one. So give an eye on that when using this item. You can potentially get this quite early, so those two pre-hard mode staff added up.

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The Blade Staff

The Blade Staff is probably one of the new work that has been added into again. It can be your favorite of the new summoner staffs, so how this item works, you may scoff at its damage because it only has a base damage of six, and that’s quite low, and also that’s actually the lowest damage of any of the summoner staffs added, but there is a catch.

It ignores up to 25 of the enemy’s defense, and it attacks super fast. So the Blade staff can clock five to six hits on an enemy in a single second. When you start buffing this staff’s damage, that leads to many DPS.

The blade stuff does because it negates all that, so it deals the same amount of damage to a blue slime as a tanky hardener and me, which is fantastic. So you can greatly improve this weapon by boosting your damage and using items that reduce the enemy’s defense, such as echo or the shark tooth necklace.

It would help if you also considered using whips with this item because of the summon tag damage they deal with. so base damage of six-plus, you know, 20 summon tag damage from the Kaleidoscope, makes this thing do 26 DPS on enemies plus attacking super fast.

How do you get the staff? Well, you get it from enchanted swords in the underground hallow:

Despite being able to get it on your first day of hard mode, this thing potentially has the potential to be used much later in the game, certainly past the mechanical bosses. Of course, it pierces through targets, so you may want to check this out against the destroyer.

Another thing to point out with this weapon, especially against the previously mentioned staff, is that it has a much greater effect. So an enemy could be sitting a lot further away compared to the foodstuff, and the Blade staff will target it very quickly.

The Sanguines Staff

The sanguine stuff is a hard-mode crop from Blood Moon fishing, and you get it from the dreadnaughts list; it has a chance to drop from there. The sanguine staff summons for weird glowing battle to fight for you and it works interestingly compared to other minions.

Because after an attack, the bat will work in a circle, so it’ll stretch out from the player attack an enemy and then circle back around to the player. This all goes very fast, but it also slows down the time of damage between when the vampire bat attacks the enemy and when it hits the target next.

So the sanguine star has a base damage of 35, but its DPS is pretty similar to the blade stuff. However, with that being said, you can also get this thing pretty early on in hard mode, so you’d want them to be pretty similar.

The Crimson chest in the dungeon where you can get the vampire knives and the jungle has the jungle chest in the dungeon, which gives you the Piranha gun.

The Desert Tiger Staff

You will need to kill several thousand enemies to unlock the key for this chest from the desert for this item. And it summons a desert tiger, which has quite a unique attack. It has a base damage of 33, and it’s quite unique in its functions. And functions similar to this stardust dragon stuff. You won’t get lots of desert Tigers running around; you will get a single desert tiger.

That increases its damage and power every time you summon it; however, it doesn’t get. The desert tiger staff changes appearance in three different tiers. It has the base tier, which occurs from summons one to three, and then it gets a little bit larger from summons four to six, and then it gets embellished with jewels and a saddle or something from seven to nine.

So The Desert Tiger Cannot Be Powered Up Beyond The Ninth Summon.

The Terror Prisma

The terror Prisma has the highest base damage of any minion summon in the game, with a base damage of ninety. It’s probably the most difficult to get because you need to defeat the empress of light and have a 100 % drop chance, but here’s the catch.

You have to do all the damage to the boss during the daytime because the empress of light will instill the player in here. So you know how difficult it is to defeat the empress of light it’s. It’s got a lot of crazy attacks, so it’s a challenging boss to defeat.

The terror Prisma sword sort of works as an upgrade to the Blade staff, except without the ignoring defense part, it just deals a fat stack of damage and flies around targeting multiple enemies. It’s a powerful and useful weapon.

The Terror Prisma works very similarly to most other minions. It goes around the swords fly around and attack enemies. It has a decent range of attack. It’s great against groups of enemies, perfect against groups of enemies. So if you somehow manage to defeat the empress of light during the daytime before you know the pumpkin moon or the frost moon.

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