Terraria Mining Guide – Updated Guide For Everyone

Terraria Mining Guide

Mining is the act, process, or industry of extracting ores, coal, etc., from mines. Imply put a dig in the ground long enough, and you get lots of nice things. In Terraria, these things such as metal ore that allows you to craft better terraria weapons and armor.

Things such as gold chests which contain super handy items like Hermes boots, which allows you to run much faster, or the cloud in a bottle which gives you the double jump ability, and there’s way more, but before you can get these things, you may need to find them. It’s important to note that there is no wrong or right Terraria Mining method, but people tend to use a couple of different methods more often than not, and they’re actually pretty effective.

Before start mining, the items you will need are Wooden platforms, Torches, and your terraria pickaxe. It includes sticking to the bare minimum. However, other helpful items might be rope, flares, glow sticks, shine potions, spelunker potions, feather fall potions, water breathing accessories, etc.

So the first method is the Hellavator method

To do this, simply choose a spot where you want to start mining, and then just start digging straight down using your pickaxe. As you start to get deeper underground, be sure to place regular torches and platforms so you can see what you are doing and jump back out if you need to. You can also read Terraria Cell Phone Guide.

There Are A Couple Of Ideas Behind This Method

  • You’re progressing lower and lower, and you collect any ore or other interesting things that you come across, such as gold chests, water chests, pots, plants, etc. You can tell when you come across ore as it will look shinier than the rock or dirt.
  • The other idea behind this method is that if you keep digging straight down until you hit the bottom of the world, you have direct access to hell, hence the name hellivator, which is vital for unlocking hard mode.

The second method of mining is the staircase method

The beauty of this method is you don’t have to use as many resources, and you explore a lot more of the map at the same time.

Again, to do this method, pick a spot where to start your mine, and dig straight down before, this time you dig diagonally, leaving a staircase of blocks behind you. It allows you to just walk back out, rather than having to use wooden platforms. You can also read Terraria Guide Voodoo Fish.

Again just collect any resources you see and keep an eye out for gold chests. You often find them in small wooden rooms.


If you use the two Terraria Mining methods we just talked about, you can still encounter dangers, and they’re not always 100%. For example, when digging straight down, you might accidentally dig into a large open cavern and fall to your death.

Luckily this can usually be prevented by just keeping a close eye on what’s underneath you while your digging, but there’s no guarantee. If you do spot a cavern, you can just use wooden platforms as a makeshift ladder until you hit bottom, then just keep digging as normal.

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