Terraria Spelunker Potion – Best Potion Guide For Terraria Gameplay

Terraria Spelunker Potion

The Spelunker Potion offers a slight yellow glow to all close by ore, chests, pots, Crystal Hearts, gemstones, Life Fruits and alchemical plants (such as Blinkroot and Daybloom). When consumed, the player will get hold of a Spelunker buff with five minutes.

This potion is most useful when used with a complete display and an excessive resolution. This way, it indicates many greater ores than it’d in any other case be showing in windowed mode.

This is also more beneficial in jungle or corruption biomes, as they’ve greater ores than others. However, many ores appearance the same; Copper Ore can be easily wrong for Adamantite Ore.

Hellstone is the best ore this is unaffected through Spelunker Potions, this might be because Hellstone is constantly near lava and is self-illuminated. This potion is very beneficial in the Underground Jungle, after hard-mode to mine Chlorophyte.

This article will show you how to craft the spelunker potion, which is extremely helpful. If you want to go mining, you can get it a full set of armor in a very short amount of time.

To start our first thing you’re going to need actually to be able to craft this, you’re going to need a table like wooden set it down. You’re going to want an empty bottle made from glass, and you’re going to want to put that on top, so this is like the potion crafting station this is where you can craft any potion.

Here are some important things that you need to craft your Spelunker Potion:

The Empty Bottle

The first thing to get bottled water all you have to do is to have the actual empty bottle in your inventory, and then you need to put your person completely under the water, and you’re going to want to open your crafting interface. And somewhere in this like giant like a line of crap tables and there will be a water bottle you just make as many as you want.

The BlinkRoot

The second thing you’re going to need is blinkRoot this is streams easy to get it’s found in caves if you have like a bridge over the water that you can’t go under the water. It’ll grow there a lot, and it grows on just like regular dirt then you’re going to need moon glow. Here is an example of moonglow.

The Last Thing You Need Is Gold Ore

You can craft it that shows that it works as the moon glow because the gold ore is a very cool little thing you can see when you craft all these different potions, and this one is the spelunker potion.

You can see right there the Moonglow that only spawns in jungle biomes, and if you break it at nighttime, it’ll actually give you its seeds as well as the flower itself.

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The Spelunker Buff Illuminates The Following Objects:

  • Ores
  • Gems
  • Pots
  • Herbs
  • Dye plants
  • Chests
  • Crystal Hearts
  • Life Fruits

The Spelunker Potion is a buff potion that offers the Spelunker buff while consumed, illuminating treasured close by objects.

  • The highlight color varies among versions.
  • However, this lasts for five minutes may be cancelled at any time through right-clicking the icon.
  • Close by selecting the icon and cancelling it in the system menu.
  • You can also close through double-tapping the buff icon.
  • As well as can cancelling the buff from the buffs display.
  • It has a small chance to appear as a bonus drop from Slimes.

The Example of Moonglow

This one Moonglow took me a super long time to find in caves, so they’re pretty rare either that or if you just have really bad luck but already have one probably accidentally broke one. This is one of the ingredients to grab and need to get your miners on the back because it’s just hard to see, but they are fairly rare not rare, but you know still not the easiest to find.

When you back on the surface and going to go down into a random really quick so this full-on core potion does it has a very neat little effect were you after. You click it, and you can see every single or around you it like glows its kind of like it’s not really on it’s not that bright, but it’s just like a theory little glow. So that where you can see all the ores up crap so this is pretty good.

Let’s cook it as you want all the different ores across the map just suddenly glowed, and you can see them very easily, so it’s well. I also actually need that see how helpful.

How To Make A Spelunker Potion In Terraria

This is extremely useful to area potion in both pre hard mode and heartland, so duffer 13 let’s just get into it tutorial itself, so you know you want to stand out in the Hocking stations.

You will need one bottled water, one blinkroot, one moonglow and one platinum ore. To get it bottled water you will need one glass to make two bottles on a furnace do you fill those bottles you can stand in any amount of water and craft bottled water in the potions section.

Blink roots grow on plain dirt ends and mud, moonglow’s grow on jungle grass, so platinum that you dig it out of the ground. It’s pretty simple, so it’s just kind of a weird potion because you have to go underground to get this stuff, but it’s still useful.

So consumable shows location of treasure and ores that you can get. You will see from the sides even as falling you’ve gotten down the mineshaft for many times. You can still see a horse that hasn’t got many but if you like right that would be a blink read.


The Spelunker potion is probably one of my favorite potions just because it’s so helpful like I got a full most of the barber and no time risk using dispersion, so a lot is more of a right there.

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