Terraria Beginners Guide – Specially For Beginners

New To Terraria? Best Terraria Beginners Guide For You!

In this Guide you want to make sure that you have built a house and have an empty house ready for the merchant as well as make sure that you have gathered at least 50 silver and you have that in your inventory at which point you will get a message. Know how to craft? Check out our terraria crafting guide!

In this case, Gilbert, the merchant, has arrived. And if for some reason he doesn’t spawn in your house go ahead and place him in your house and then go shopping now what you’re looking for there is the bug net. The bug net is a way that you will be able to gather the Terraria bait you need, of course, you could also.

Let’s start by going over the requirements to be able to fishing.

Fishing Requirement

  • A Fishing Pole
  • Bait Items
  • A Pool Of Liquid

Now that you have known what you need to be able to fish, you simply hold your cursor where you want to throw your bobber and click. From there you wait until your bobber splashes to get the catch in full speed.

Fishing Pole

The equipment you use while fishing makes a world of difference. There are many different fishing poles and bait items, as well as accessories and points. First of all, go with an overall of the fishing poles in the game. There a total of 11 fishing poles in the game 2 of which have unique abilities.

  • Chum Caster ( Increases chance to fish up enemies during blood moon)
  • Hotline Fishing Hook (Allow lava fishing )

The other 9 fishing poles only differ in the amount of fishing power they give you. Terraria Fishing power determines the quality of your catches as well as how often you catch something.

Bait Items

Bait items also affect your fishing power and are caught with a bug net or received from fishing itself. Similarly to the fishing poles, there only a few bait items that have unique abilities out of all them.

Unique bait items

  • Truffle worm (Used to summon Duke Fishron)
  • Underworld Critters(Allow Lava fishing)

Fishing Accessories

  • Fisherman’s Pocket Guide (Shows Current fishing power)
  • Sextant (Shows moon phase)
  • Weather Radio(Displays the weather)

Suppose you would like to buy an anvil which will allow you to make a reinforced fishing pole. But in this case, you have enough iron, so we’re going to go ahead and start venturing out and looking for our bait.

What you’re looking for is these large Tufts of grass just like that you’ll see the worm pop out use your net grab that worm and once you’ve gathered several worms or whatever other bait you can find you are ready to go until making your Terraria fishing pole.

Make sure that you have all of your iron/lead ore and bars in our terraria inventory go ahead and make yourself an anvil if you haven’t already purchased one. Place that anvil down on the ground, and you will be able to make yourself a little bit better of a fishing pole.

In this case, that fishing pole is right here the reinforced fishing pole make that. You are ready to go fishing my friends you have that plus you have your worms now all you need to do is find a water source and get fishing.


Once that bobber Bob’s up and down you’ll see it move up and down there that is when you know to click your mouse and try to make a catch and it’s not always going to be a successful catch. So please wait for it to a couple of different times be patient that is how you fish in Terraria.

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