Terraria Brain Of Cthulhu Guide – Guide For Terraria

Terraria Brain Of Cthulhu Guide

The brain of Cthulhu is, of course, a giant floating brain. It can teleport around to get closer to the player. So, it spawns with twenty to thirty creepers which are basically flying eyeballs that will attack the player and generally move around the brain and range of the brain. They’ll kind of surge towards the player and then back towards the brain.

When the Terraria brain of Cthulhu is in its first form, it’s invincible and cannot be defeated. You aim to be defeat sixty-four minions as the brain is in that stage. When it’s in a second form, the brain becomes vulnerable to attacks, and you can now start to do damage to defeat it.

The Items You Will Need Terraria Brain Of Cthulhu’:

  • Hermes Boots
  • A Cloud In A Bottle
  • 200 Spiky Balls
  • 133 Wood
  • 89 Wooden Platforms
  • A Campfire
  • Some Torches
  • A Door
  • 40 wood walls
  • A bed
  • Pickaxe
  • Some Healing Potions And A Recall Potion

The reason why you chose to use spiky balls in this battle because they have knocked back. The recall potion teleports you to your spawn point and is only needed if you’re going to spawn Cthulhu’s brain by breaks in the crystal hearts. It can be crafted with bottled water specular fish, and Dave loom you can also find in chests armor is optional, but it’s nice to have some.

How To Build The Arena to Defeat Terraria Brain of Cthulhu

In this strategy, you will build your arena on the top of a Chrisman captain; start by placing 12 blocks in a straight line, then on one end of the platform, place five blocks vertically. After that, place ten platforms on the very top of the pillar, place two blocks down, and then the door that balls and a torch to the room. Don’t forget to set your spawn point.

Then Place 17 Blocks On Both Sides Of The Arena House

Then Place 17 Blocks On Both Sides Of The Arena House. After that, go to the very end of one side and place eighteen blocks vertically. Then start to place forty-two blocks horizontally to the pillar. Once you’re done, jump down, and on the very end of the side, place eighteen blocks vertically. Place the last two blocks to close up the arena.

Now it’s time to place in all the platform count for blocks and place the platform on the fifth block from one end to the other repeat this one more time. And the campfire somewhere in the middle of the arena.

You have now just completed your arena. Before you spawn in the brain, you need to place about 50 spiky balls on the platform to spread them around evenly. After that, go to the middle of the platform. Remember to use healing potions if you have to press H for quick heal.

Throw Some Spiky Balls At The Brain of Cthulhu

Let’s Spawn Them In Start To Throw Some Spiky Balls At The Brain of Cthulhu. The creeper minions should be defeated rather easily; once he is in a second form, he can take knock-back damage, so continue to throw spiky balls at Adam until he has been defeated.


The brain of Cthulhu and its creepers in all modes, of course, are the only sources of tissue samples that you’ll need for crafting the Crimson armor, the Death Bringer pickaxe, the flesh grinder hammer, and the meatball flail the Death Bringer pickaxe.

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