Terraria Calamity Guide – Best Calamity Guide For Beginners

Terraria Calamity Guide

The first thing you’ll notice upon creating a new expert mode player in the world with the calamity mode is a few new items in your inventory upon spawning. In terraria calamity guide the first item being the starter bag.

When opened at the starter bag will provide you with various tools to help you within the game providing some bombs potions with some basic weapons such as the bo staff and a summoner staff along with other items to make the game not as tedious.

It will also give new items that can be used to alter the difficulty of your game. You don’t have to use this bag by any means, but it is there if you wish to progress through the early game a bit faster or use the five items that alter the difficulty of your game which are the following.

The terraria calamity mode adds dozens of hours to another gameplay with over two thousand plus new items:

  • 275 New Enemies
  • 5 New Pre-Hardened Bosses
  • 9 New Hardened Moon Bosses
  • 8 Postman Lord Bosses
  • 1 New Super Boss With More Bosses
  • 5 New Unique Biomes
  • 4 New Structures Created A Twirl Generation
  • 1 New Rogue Class

Five new difficulty settings to customize your playthrough different new crafting recipes for items that are not craft-able within vanilla gameplay such as the rotted discord and various balance adjustments to enhance the gameplay experience.


Revengeance is another one of the new items you will notice this item when used increases the difficulty of the game beyond expert mode.

The next item is called death to use Revengeance mode must also be activated first. This functions as the absolute highest difficulty setting of the terraria calamity surpassing Revengeance mode.

This mode Tacey AI changes that I mentioned earlier but makes them even harder with new attacks and more health and damage after the player gets to 300 HP. the bosses can start randomly spawning with the status message appearing in chat and the boss depending on the biome and CE to the game the player is in.

Another new item is the iron heart when used if you die within a boss fight, you will permanently die. This functions similar to hardcore mode but only within boss fights. If you die from fall, the image or a normal mob on the bosses are alive. You will still respawn; however, if a boss is alive, you will permanently die and turn into a ghost.

In any gear from calamity would shred any boss from thorium no problem at all. So it just ruins turns out the other model there are also a few hotkeys you will want to set up before getting started with the calamity.

The main ones being the adrenaline enrage heart keys which brings us to the new mechanics of Revengeance mode adrenaline are two new mechanics of calamity these both function as meter during a boss fight.


You would expect to experiment with different accessories and items if you are having a hard time with a certain boss. If you were lost there is a class on a terraria wiki page guide.

You can use your range or adrenaline haki to deal massive damage to the boss rage gives you an additional 50% damage boost for 5 seconds to fill up your rage bar you must take damage from enemies or enemy projectiles or attack with a true melee weapon.

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