Terraria Thorium Guide – Best Guide For Beginners

Terraria Thorium Guide

A new change in Terraria is Thorium that takes vanilla and builds upon that vanilla structure. Rather than changing it, the entire Thorium blends so well with the vanilla content that you won’t have to worry about overpowering vanilla bosses with the new gear adds.

They could belong in vanilla Terraria thorium has managed to master. This feeling of adding new content to the game without feeling too different from the base game that people who are new to the community or prefer a more vanilla type of play will enjoy and respect the game’s effort.

The boss summons lava waves that increase height as the boss gets lower, watching and dodging. This lava wave is really fun; the boss’s brides are also very well done and detailed, and they aren’t too over the top or anything.

You think it is hard to do when you have added so many items and other content like Thorium. Thorium does very well speaking of the bosses of the game. Some of the attacks they have are super unique.

This Terraria Thorium contains:

  • 1600 new items
  • 54 new armor sets
  • 101 new enemies
  • 98 new blocks at furniture
  • 11 new town NPCs
  • 10 new bosses
  • A new biome
  • Two new classes.

The New Classes And Their Progression

It’s hard to create an entirely new class from the ground up, especially two of them, but both of them on release were not playable from the beginning to the end.

The Thorium should have just completed the entirety of both classes before releasing it to the public, and if they needed some feedback, they could have just gotten like a handful of beta testers to do.

The Lack Of Post Moon Lord Bosses And Enemies

You know this one, Ragnarok is supposed to be Thorium’s final boss, but it seems a little redundant to reward players with great armor and weapon upgrades. If you have nothing to use them on

People can see these weapons and armor as a reward, but come on, go through the entire game upgrading your armor and weapons to progress and fight tougher bosses, so what’s the point of doing those mentioned above.

If there’s nothing to use that new equipment on, but you never know, maybe diver man sim has something that works for more postman lore content.

The Boss Fights And Their Sprites

Let’s start with the boss’s Thorium that made you fall in love with its boss fights and their sprites. Everything about them is beautifully made. The sprites are stimulating the fights are unique and challenging.

All the bosses feel like it’s a part of the Thorium, same thing with the weapons and enemies. The thorium enemies are pleasant to look at, mini-bosses included, and the weapons some of the best and unique feeling weapons in any Terraria Thorium out.


If you’re a casual player who enjoys playing Terraria and wants to spice up your game a bit, this is the way to do that without making it feel too overwhelming for newer players. Suppose you have a friend who is brand new to Thorium Terraria, or you are brand new to Thorium as well.

In that case, this is the perfect place to start providing new content that isn’t going to frustrate you with insane difficulty or making things too complicated, but you will understand.

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