Terraria Fisherman’s Pocket Guide – Best Ranking Up Strategy For Beginners

Terraria Fisherman’s Pocket Guide

If you want to get the fisherman’s pocket guide, then you need to complete the fishing quest at the angler. Each fishing quest has a 1 and 40 chance to give you the fisherman’s pocket guide. 1 in 40 chance means 2.5 percent, so that means a very low chance, but you might get it very early if you’re lucky. So if you need the Terraria Fisherman’s pocket guide, keep doing the fishing quest and hope that he gives you all the guide. In this article, we recently took a look at five quests to the angler NPC you could get while fishing. Here are the terraria’s top 5 fishing quests.

Bottomless Water Bucket

It may not seem like much, but the bottomless water bucket is extremely helpful and can fulfill many roles, making your job fishing a little bit easier. By simply digging a hole in a specific biome, you can use the bottomless water bucket to fill it up and use that as a lake to do your fishing.

So that means if you go on the ground in an area that still hasn’t been corrupted, you can find armor cave fish a little bit easier with this. You can only get this, though, in hard mode with a 1 in 70 chance we’ll need to turn in, so it may take a little while before you get the bottomless water bucket, but it’s very worth it. You can also read Terraria Achievement Guide.

The Fish Finder

You don’t get this outright; rather, you create it at the tinker’s workshop using the terraria fisherman’s pocket guide sextant and a weather radio. It’s very helpful because it tells the player the current moon phase’s fishing power, the current moon phase, and the current weather.

But what makes this good is the fact that it’s part of crafting the cellphone. Combined the fish finder with goblin tech GPS and Rek 3000, and you’ll get the PDA, which combines with a magic mirror to grant you the cellphone. one of the most useful items currently in-game.

The Angler Tackle Bag

This is another item that’s crafted through multiple rewards a high test fishing line, tackle box, and angler earring with two purposes.

First, you get an item that gives you a 10% boost to fishing power, the chance not to consume the bait, and the unbreakable fishing line, which helps keep bait and catching fish.

But the second purpose is that this can be combined again with another tackle box or angler earring to increase your fishing power. And chances are you may have an easier time crafting this than the fish finder.

The Angler Fishing Armor

This is extremely helpful for boosting your fishing power when you need it. Each piece of the set will grant you a five percent increase, and the best news is this set is very easy to acquire. After 10 completed quests, you’ll get the Hat. After 15 quests, you’ll get the vest, and after 20, you’ll get the pants. A 15% boost in the terraria fishing power may not seem like much at first, but good bait a proper rod. It does begin to stack up and increase your chances of getting something really good.

It should be noted there the Terraria Armour is really good for fishing but not great for the defense. It only gives you four. So overall, this is not going to keep you alive in a highly contested area. It’s great to have on a side and bring out when it’s ready to be used, but when it’s not, you better have some legit armor because you’ll need the protection, and this isn’t going to give you a whole lot of it.

The Golden Fishing Rod

And this is easy to acquire after you have completed 30 terraria fishing quests. This is currently one of their strongest fishing rods. In the game sitting at 50% fishing power, if you wanted to go crate farming or a specific fish you need to catch, this is the rod you want to bring with you to get the job done.

The only thing this rod can’t do is fish and lava currently, and that’s a bit of a downer but simultaneously. You can get by quite well without it, and even when you’re not using it, and you can display your fishing pole on a weapon rack to share with everyone you’re fishing bling; it makes a nice showpiece.

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