Terraria Fishing Rod – Ultimate Guide For Beginners In 2023

Terraria Fishing Rod

Fishing rods are ranked by fishing power; higher fishing power means a better catch. Fishing power is also affected by bait, the size of the fishing hole, weather conditions, time of day, and other boosts that can affect your fishing power.

There are 9 different fishing rods in terraria 8 of them is on all platforms, and one of them is on all platforms except for 3ds. 3ds miss out on just one, so fishing is often overlooked but a great way to get lots of good things in terraria.

You can get items, tools, weapons, and fish to make both food and potions and angler quest rewards. You can also get crates with crates containing 4 other items, weapons. metal, ore, and bars, which is sometimes very helpful for progression crates containing potions and money.

So the wood fishing pole or fishing rod is actually called the wood fishing pole specifically. It has only a 5% fishing power, but it’s crafted from 8 wood at a workbench so that you can make it very early in the game. 5% fishing power, you’re not going to do a lot with it unless your bait and or your fishing hole is pretty good.

And of course, anything else you can get as well 5% is not great, but it gets you started with wood fishing pole but where you’re probably really going to get started with fishing is actually the reinforced fishing pole. So reinforced fishing pole is eight iron or lead bars, so to show you this shows any iron.

But using lead iron and leather equivalent so you can craft a reinforced fishing pole which has 15 fishing power from a to those bars that’s a good little starting point and from there you can, of course, do better so depending on.

So the first category includes all the craftable fishing poles, which includes

The Wood Fishing Pole

  • 5% Fishing Power
  • 9 velocity
  • crafted with 8 wood at a workbench

The Reinforced Fishing Pole

  • 15% Fishing Power
  • 11 velocity
  • crafted with 8 iron/lead bars at an iron/lead Anvil

The Fisher Of Souls

  • 20% Fishing Power
  • 13 velocity
  • crafted with 8 demonite bars at an iron/lead Anvil


  • 20% Fishing Power
  • 13 velocity
  • crafted with 8 demonite bars at an iron/lead Anvil

These fishing poles are on the lower side of fishing power and velocity. But the ingredients are quite easy to acquire, and you probably already have the needed items to craft them. the next category includes:

The Fiberglass Fishing Pole

  • 25% Fishing Power
  • 14 velocity
  • Found in jungle shrines (2% chance)

The Mechanic’s Rod

  • 30% Fishing Power
  • 15 velocity
  • Sold by the Mechanics for 20 gold during a crescent moon phase

Sitting Duck Fishing Pole

  • 40% Fishing Power
  • 15 velocity
  • Has a chance to be sold by the traveling merchant for 35 gold

The fiberglass fishing pole is only slightly better than the flush catcher, but it is quite rare since it only has a 2% chance to spawn in a jungle shrine.

The Mechanic can sell the mechanics rod during a crescent moon for twenty gold, and it is a bit better than both the flood catcher and the fiberglass fishing poles.

The sitting ducks fishing pole is another step up from the mechanic’s rod, but it could also be even rarer than the fiberglass since you have first to be lucky enough for the traveling merchant to move in, and then you also have to be lucky enough to get him actually to sell the fishing pole.

And for the final category, we have the fishing poles that come as rewards for completing quests for the Angler NPC.

The Hotline Fishing Hook

  • 45% Fishing hook
  • 5 velocity
  • Chance to be a reward after 25 Angler Quests

The Golden Fishing Rod

  • 50% Fishing hook
  • 17 velocity
  • The reward for completing 50 Angler Quests

The hotline fishing hook has a small chance to be given as a reward for completing an angler quest after having done 25 of them.

The next and final fishing pole is the golden fishing rod, which will be given as a reward on your fiftieth completed angler quest.

Now there isn’t any particular reason for you to actually do so many quests, but the fishing poles are a nice reward for putting in that much effort. However, it would help if you never used the golden fishing rod for anything specific. Of course, the higher tier fishing pole you have, you will have a stronger chance to get a better item from fishing.

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Areas And Surfaces Where Fishing Rods Can Work

The surface needs to be unobstructed by solid blocks that can cross platforms easily, but solid blocks will obstruct the water from being counted as part of the fishing hole.

How It Works

It counts from the surface unobstructed surface downward, and if it hits any solid blocks, it stops counting and doesn’t like column by column as far as how the blocks so that you can see the fishing hole is quite deep. So it will be counted as pretty big.

Whereas if you had like a big chunk of dirt here, that would count it would stop counting all of you know those columns where it hit that dirt. So keep that in mind that matters the size of the fishing hole matters, so surface area and depth unobstructed is how that works.

But let’s move along with the fishing rod because that’s what we’re here about, so the fiberglass fishing pole is a little further upgrade in terms of fishing power over those.

You can rarely find the fiberglass fishing pole in underground jungle IV tests, so those IV chests are the ones that you will find in the jungle shrines at the bottom of those living mahogany trees.

That is like hollowed out in the middle, and then there’s a chest at the bottom usually. Those are the chests about jungle, shrines, living mahogany trees, and mobile-only.

There are also jungle sanctums that are an expanded version of the jungle shrines. So you’ll find those IV chests there as well and in jungle crates on the updated platforms only you can get you can fish for jungle crates. There are biomes-specific crates on the updated platforms only. However, you can get wood, iron, gold, and crates on any platform.

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