Terraria Grappling Hook – Ultimate Guide Of Grappling Hook

Terraria Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is a very beneficial and sensible tool, used to grab directly to surfaces. It may be used on all stable surfaces and is useful for navigating caves and constructing houses as you may use it to reduce vegetation.

Grappling hooks may be used to skip through a chokepoint which you might not generally match through.

The grappling hook is an absolute necessity for mining and exploring, and is a big help because it facilitates players to reach heights and areas in any other case not possible to reach. Players also can use it for short escapes from water and mobs alike.

Here is the guide to all grappling hooks in terraria and how to get every hook in the game. So getting started all hooks are crafted at a regular iron or led anvil except for the lunar hook.

There is a dedicated slot to equip a grappling hook, and you’ll find that in your equipment it’s there underneath your mount slot you have a grappling hook slot.

And there are a couple of hooks that you can craft pretty early in the game that will get you started very nicely.

The Basic Grappling Hooks

These are in pre hard mode craftable hooks, and the basic is just one hook and three chains, and you get hooks from skeletons undead minors hoplites and undead Vikings each of those has a one in 25 chance of giving you a hook or you have a one in 30 chance of getting a hook from piranhas.

So those earlier enemies are all various areas underground piranhas you can find at any level of the jungle.

And you can also craft ten chains from one iron or LED bar at an anvil, and you get the hook from one of those enemies, and then you can make a grappling hook.

The hook has 19 reaches, and 11.5 velocities reach how far it will go when you fire it out, and velocity is fast.

So you can see it doesn’t quite get to that platform when you put there, but it’s so it’s a perfectly good grappling hook to start. It is the only one that’s actually called the grappling hook.

If you’ve created your reach meter over there far, the blue torches are every five you can see that it’s just short of the fourth one and counted from the height of your character firing up.

And it’s just from the side of your character if you’re firing it sideways.

That’s your basic grappling hook now you can also early on make hooks from gems and depending on which type of gem you use that’s actually going to determine how far and how fast how much reach and velocity you get.

So the easiest one to make probably, because you’re probably going to find amethyst most easily is the amethyst hook. You have one of these here, and you’ve colour-coded how far that one reaches.

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The Different Types Of Hooks In Pre-Hardmode.

  • Amethyst Hook
  • Dimond Hook
  • Ambar Hook
  • Squirrel Hook
  • Topaz Hook
  • Emerald Hook
  • Sapphire Hook
  • Ruby Hook

You can make your amethyst hook, and that’s how far that reaches you can also use topaz it’ll reach to more sapphire then if you use emerald, it will reach to more and then use Ruby reach to more after that Diamond.

If you are on PC, you can just right-click to swap that in I think your alternate button will do that on other platforms. If there you go diamond hook reaches where the white ones are, and that is 28 reach.

Hence, it goes anywhere from 18 reaches for the amethyst to 28 reaches for the diamond and everywhere in between starting velocity is 10 for amethyst and 12.5 is the highest for the diamond hook.

Basically, each higher tier gem adds an extra to reach and an extra point 5 velocity there is no amber hook by the way and as far as using it default key on PC is your E key.

And if you’re on mobile, you’ll actually swipe from your character towards the surface you want to grapple to if you’re on a console you should have a button for this.

The IVy Whip

Next one that you can get in the game is the IVy whip, so the IV whip is arguably the best one in pre hard mode overall it’s got the nicest combination of stats it’s twelve jungle spores and three vines again always at your anvil, and that is your IV width, so the IVy whip has a reach of 25 and has a velocity of 13.

So you can see it’s not quite as long of a reach as the diamond or even the ruby, but it does have a higher velocity than any of the gem hooks and one thing that sets this one apart versus those other early ones is that it has three hooks or lash points.

You can see if you fire multiple up to three of these hooks out, and it will attach up to three times, and that’s something that becomes more important as you get to some of the more advanced hooks.

The Web Slinger

The Webslinger has the shortest reach of any of them in the game it’s just a reach of 16 and a velocity of 10, but the special thing about this like the IVy whip it fires multiple hooks and this one fires up to eight.

It will fire up to eight at once it does have a short reach however you can also get a Skeletron hand it’s about a one and a chance to drop from Skeletron when you defeat Skeletron that’s a 20 to reach 15 velocities to hooks.

That one slime hook is about a 1 in 3 chance to drop from king slime has a 20 reach 10 velocities, 3 hooks or latch points slime hook is not available on three es the fish hook also is a one in sixty chance from doing your angler fishing quests.

There’s a 1 in 60 chance the angler will give that to you as a reward for a fishing quest it has a 25 reach 13 velocity and two hooks almost equal the IV wick whip except for one less latch point.


When sprinting accessories are equipped, the burst of velocity supplied through a hook upon latching a floor may be used to boost up a player to sprinting velocity instantly.

This also can be executed with the Unicorn and Basilisk Mount’s charging abilities, alevin though requiring a further input to be reactive the mount, and Anti-Gravity Hook, however, it’s going to raise the player in the best direction.

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