Terraria Pickaxe Tiers – Tiers That You Would Never Miss

Terraria Pickaxe Tiers

Terraria Pickaxe Tiers comes in various power tiers; pickaxe power is the rating. It affects what blocks you can harvest and as well as how many hits it takes per block to mine a given block or ore or whatever.

There are just a few special Terraria Pickaxe Tiers and drills that will also function as an actual axe to cut down trees like this one, but most of them are only pickaxes.

If you are playing on mobile, it does not have Range penalties or bonuses, the default copper pickaxe. At the start of the game, you get a -1 range penalty, so penalties and bonuses for range do not apply on mobile. But all other platforms exist to break things down into nine tiers by that pickaxe power rating.

Most of these are available on all platforms, pickaxes, and drills; for the most part, most of them are available on all platforms.

This article will tell about which ones have range penalties or bonuses and pickaxes’ function. So it’s worth noting that we mentioned the  Drax could skip to the second-highest tier in the game.

Even on nonmobile platforms, you can skip a few of the tiers. You can effectively skip from the first tier, the copper pickaxe, as a member of that to the fourth or fifth here fairly easily.

The Cactus Pickaxe

In the first tier, you’ve got your copper pickaxe that you start with; these are anything that’s less than 50 pickaxe power. So it includes the cactus pickaxe, the early ores, copper, tin, iron, lead, and silver pickaxes.

These are all materials you can find fairly readily early in the game. They combine everything up to gold and platinum.

The copper pickaxe has a -1 range penalty, so it can be worth crafting one of the other early pickaxes and probably the easiest early date that you can get the actual cactus pickaxe.

You can craft that at your workbench from 15  a cactus pickaxe so you can go to the desert biome and use your regular Axe to cut down some cactus, and 15 of those will get to a cactus pickaxe, but it’s not going to be much harder to get the ores.

To make one of the other ones, you’ll make those at a regular iron or LED anvil you need to make. You need to gather the materials to make an anvil to make one of those other ones.

But once you do, you’ll need 12 of whichever type of bar one of those ores and also 3 or 4 wood. You’ll at least get rid of that -1 Range penalty. It’s not necessary, but you can, so there you go. You can actually go all the way to the fourth tier before you really need a new pickax Tiers.

The Tungsten And Bone Pickaxes

The tungsten and bone pickax tungsten, although it’s the alternative to silver depending on your world, which you’ll get if you happen to get tungsten, actually can mine meteorite.

If you make a tungsten pickaxe or get the bone pickaxe, that has a 1 50 chance to be dropped from undead miners in the cavern layer.

You can make a tungsten pickaxe that will remove that -1 range penalty, and as you can say, it shows it can mine meteorite because it has 50 pickaxe power and put it in a percentage.

So 50% pickaxe power most of those early or base ones will be 12 bars plus either 3 or 4 wood. Up to the gold and platinum, that remains true.

This tier is required to mine the materials that can make the tier. This becomes pretty frequently necessary.

This whole pickaxe thing is a major part of the game’s progression; your ability to get better materials depends on what pickaxe you have.

So this becomes sort of necessary it’s not strictly necessary to get this third tier, though, because you can get Demonite or crimtane another way by fighting bosses.

You’ll get far more Demonite or Crimtane depending on your world from fighting the bosses instead of looking around for Demonite and Crimtane, which generally will take you forever.

The Nightmare And Death Bringer Pickaxes

The nightmare and Death Bringer pickaxes, and actually, the Death Bringer is sort of in a mini tier as well, and that’s why you could argue ten tires.

You go up in the tiers; you cannot only mine like later material, but they will get better in terms of how many hits it takes to minus certain material.

Copper: It Takes Like Three Hits To Mine Stone Right

Tungsten: Only Takes Two Hits

Platinum: Still Takes Two Hits

But you can improve your pickaxes or drills. It’ll take fewer strikes to get those materials and also tend to swing faster and so on. Higher pickaxe power takes less to mine the same materials as well.

The nightmare pickaxe is from Demonite, and Death Bringer pickaxe is from cremtain these can mine obsidian health stone, Evan stone, crim stone, pearl stone, and dungeon bricks.

You’ve possibly gotten into the dungeon. You can mine dungeon brick with these as well because you need to defeat the boss to get these.

The nightmare is from 12 dynamite demonite bars and six shadow scales, which is why it requires defeating the eater of worlds because you only get the shadow scales from the eater of worlds

The Death Bringer, the crimson world equivalent, is 12 Crimtanet bars and six tissue samples. The tissue samples come from the brain of Cthulhu, so you need to defeat either the eater of worlds in a corruption world.

The brain of Cthulhu is in a crimson world to get these all. You can also check a guide to kill brain of Cthulhu The Death Bringer is a separate little mini tier because it can mine that whole list of things that only can mine. It takes one less hit to mine any of those except for obsidian.

They take the same number of hits for obsidian but hailstone a banded stone Crimmins Krim stone pearl stone and dungeon brick. The Death Bringer in the crimson world will take one less hit for those.

The Molten And Reaver Shark Pickaxe

The final tier of pre-hard mode lets you skip directly to this because there are two pickaxes. There’s a molten pickaxe, and there’s a Reaver shark, so you usually would need either a nightmare or a Death Bringer to mine hell stone and obsidian to get the molten pickaxe.

However, the Reaver shark is also in the same tier as the molten pickaxe. These can mine cobalt and palladium, which are the first hard mode ores, which is why you can get these in pre hard mode. You’ll ideally want to get them in pre hard mode so that as soon as you get into hard mode.

It’s 20 hell of stone bars. You would need a nightmare or death ringer to get those health stone bars. There are three health Stone and one obsidian each, and the molten pickaxe emits light.

The molten pickaxe had 20 health stone bars and also light enemies on fire because it’s made of molten, so that can be helpful when you’re exploring as well. You can still skip to the Reaver shark because it is technically available anytime you start the game.

It is obtained by fishing in the ocean. If you can increase your fishing power, you’ll have a much better chance of getting it. If you only have 50 fishing power, then it will be like a one in a hundred chance. Whereas if you have 100 fishing power, it’s a 1 in 50 chance.

For Pre-Hard Mode


The Reaver shark is the best pre-hard mode pickaxe available on all platforms, and it can be obtained very early because you can boost your fishing and fish in the ocean and get it that way.

It’s beneficial to do this if you’re playing an expert because you can get hell stone level equipment very early in the game by getting this Reaver shark.

It’s also usable as a melee weapon; as you will see, it has pretty decent melee damage, so it’s also you know you can use it in place of a sword early on, even if you want.

If you want to do fishing, fishing is a way to progress through the game, and by doing the fishing quest, you can get to know things that will also boost your fishing power, which gives you a better chance of getting that as well.

That’s all for pre-hard mode, and that is actually the best one in pre hard mode, and there you go.

For Hard Mode

These are ones by which 50 ore is 100 pickaxe power for the molten pickaxe and the Reaver Sharkey and see where they both have the same 100 pickaxe power when you get into the six-tiers once you’re in hard mode; those are from 110 to 130 pickaxe power. These are your cobalt and palladium pickaxes and drills.

The Drills That You Can Get As Well.

You can choose either a pickaxe or a drill literally; it doesn’t matter that much you can get boosts for pickaxes where you can’t use for drills, but you know drills are fun, or something based hard mode pickaxes and drills will require either 15 or 18 bars of the respective type. So you don’t technically really need to get a gold or platinum or candy cane pickaxe.

You can be crafted at a regular iron or LED anvil, the only one that can after you get cobalt or palladium pickaxe or drill.

You’ll need to be mining some mithril orichalcum so that you can make a new anvil, which you will need to craft any of the later tier drills.

The Cobalt Drill Or Cobalt Pickaxe

You can either make a cobalt drill or cobalt pickaxe because you can put 15 bars in your inventory and make a drill—the cobalt drill as with the pickaxe or the palladium versions.

The palladium versions will require 18 bars, so most of them are either 15 or 18, cobalt is 15, and palladium is 18 for whatever reason.

That’s just how it works, so moving along the seventh tier, from 150 to 190, pickaxe power is the mithril orichalcum, diamante, and titanium pickaxes drills.

It’s not even less hits; it’s just more speed so that you can make any of these at the mithril orichalcum anville. Most of them again, 15 to 18 bars titanium is the exception, which is why I have 20 titanium bars for whatever reason, titanium requires 20.

But if you have a nit Adamantite in your, then you only need it’s 18 there you go, and titanium can then mine.

Well, not just Adamantite, but they can also use only my titanium site; you can still only mine a damantite or titanium. You can mine those as well with the mithril orichalcum.

Drax Glorified Pickaxe And Drill

Drax glorified pickaxe and drill those glorified has both shrew Mike digging claw and Specter pickaxe at the same 200 pickaxe power.

You need 200 pickaxe power to mine this Glorified right there, so the first way that you’ll be able to get one of these is again unless you’re on mobile and you were able to skip to this tier just by finding a Drax in a shadow chest.

The Drax or the pickaxe axe can craft either of those from 18 Hallowed bars and one of each of the three mechanical bosses’ souls, so that’s why again progression, you will need to defeat all three mechanical bosses.

  • The Twins
  • The Destroyer
  • Skeletron Prime

You will need at least one of the souls from each of them that will each drop a different soul type. So you’ll need one soul of might, one soul of sight, and one soul of fright along with your 18 hallowed bars, which they also drop to craft your pickaxe axe or drill.

If you’re on a pre 1.3 equivalent platform, you’ll need the 18th glorified bars and 18 ectoplasm in place of you combine the same things into Spectre bars.

It would help if you had floor fight bars and glowing mushrooms to make 18; you’ll need 18 Glorified bars and 270 glowing mushrooms you do that you happen to have at your Auto hammer here right next door.

If you get the right bonuses and everything, there you go, and that does it for the 8th tier. Now the only thing that is left to mine that these things cannot line right there. That’s a lizard brick from the jungle temple.

The last tier is the ones that you will need to do that, and they are all post golem; you’ll need to defeat golem to get the last tier of pickaxes and drills. So these are ones that have 210 pickaxe power. The pic saw is the one that you literally get from defeating golem. It’s a one in eight chance to drop when you defeat golem; it has a +1 range bonus, so that’s right here +1 range.

The Luminite Pickaxes

The luminite pickaxes these, of course, require you to defeat the Moon Lord because, of course, that’s where you get your luminate from, and they have a +4 range bonus, so other than the laser drill, which has +10 bars.

The luminite pickaxes have the next largest reach +4 range, but they are faster than the laser drill, so that’s the advantage of them, so they are 10 luminite bars and 12 of whichever type of fragment from the celestial pillars.

There are four types of fragments:

  • The Solar
  • The Vortex
  • The Nebula
  • The Stardust

You can get in the game the last set of them you can get in the game. As you can see, they’re very fast as well; they’re not quite as fast as the shroom digging club.

Still, they can mine things that the shroom dig and claw can’t specify these so you can see you’re doing well you got one of these they’re very fast, and also you know they go right through like basic stuff but even the lizard brick they go through it pretty fast.

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